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Seven Days of War

Seven Days of War
Seven Days of War
Death Metal, Symphonic

Seven Days of War  Biografie

A young 5-piece Melodic Death Metal band from Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands!

Seven Days of War is a relatively young band, both in age and members. The idea for the band started halfway 2009, but it was not untill the end of 2010 that the band took on more serious forms and all the positions were filled. In 2011 they finally took to the stage and played 6 shows. They plan to continue growing in 2012, with preparations for an upcoming EP and lots of gigs!

Musically the band is best described as melodic deathmetal with some metalcore influences. Because of the varying tastes of metal within the band, from pure black metal to thrash to deathcore. This reflects itself in the sound of the band. Big influences for the the band are Kalmah, Dark Tranquilty and At the Gates.

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