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Trash Metal, Death Metal
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Portall  Biografie


Portall started in February. Rutger, Jeroen and Jeffrey already played together in a studio in Zwolle. When their second guitarist decided to quit, they approached Peter Haverkamp to join the band. After the first rehearsal it was clear that Portalls primair music taste was a lot more different from the style the three guys used to play. They decided to throw away the old material and started writing new songs, which would become a lot heavier and intense. Portall part two… In April 2003 the first demo was recorded and the first shows followed in the months after. Because there was a lot of material a second demo was recorded in October, but according to the band members both demos weren’t representative for what Portall sounded and felt like.

2003 – 2004

Portall won several band competitions which resulted in more gigs.


They won the Metalbattle, a metalband competition, which gave them the opportunity to record their first EP titled “In the Absence of Light”. Portall stayed for a short week in the Harrow Studio, where bands such as Asphyx and Occult (nowadays Legion of the Damned) had been recording their material. The 5 track counting EP was well received by metalheads and media and gave Portall a bigger reputation. After this, Portall reached the finals of Aardschok’s Metalbash. Portalls straight forward trash metal worked out pretty well, ‘cause they ended second place, 1 point less than the winner.

2006 – 2007

They played several Dutch and Belgian festivals together with bands like Hatesphere, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, Legion of the Damned, Sinister, Vomitory a.o.

2007 – 2008

Portall signs a record deal with Under Her Black Wings, a sublabel of Freebird Records. The band concentrates less on performing, focusing more on writing a killer debut album. Portall enters the Harrow Studio to record their first album, “Code Black”.


Portall releases debut album “Code Black” on January 31st.

2013 – 2014

After years of setbacks, agreements and disagreements, fun and pain, a model story of three steps forward and two steps back, Portall is back with a vengeance! We’ve set up shop in Studio Haverkamp, Peter’s brand new recording and production facility (yes, it’s shiny). And made a killer album that really translates what Portall should feel and sound like! It goes without saying we are more motivated than ever to bring you awesome shows and upcoming albums.

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