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Ivo Penders

Ivo Penders
Ivo Penders
Pop, Acoustic, Songwriter

Ivo Penders  Biografie

Ivo Penders’ musical journey began at age 17, when he picked up his fathers guitar after watching a Dire Straits concert. Encouraged -but never pushed- by his parents he was playing and singing Paul SImon tunes by the end of that year.

As a founding member of Dufus and Exit31 (with which he is recording a new album now!) Ivo has almost twenty years of experience. His proudest moments include gigging in the U.S.A., playing at Amsterdams Paradiso and recording at Wisseloord and The Bamboo Room.

The Oker Sessions (and whatever might follow from them) are Ivos attempt at conquering fear and self-doubt. Or, in his own words:

“For a long time I had been thinking of recording some songs that are not ‘rock band material’ and would therefore never be used by Exit31.

The name Oker Sessions comes from the notion that, just like blue is the color of feeling down, oker is the color of contemplation. And I had to think hard before I finally started recording this music, because I needed to fully realise that commercial succes was NOT the reason why I’m doing this.

I release songs to the public because I need to go against my feelings of shame and insecurity. I know there’s a possibility some people might actually enjoy my songs, but I’ve always been held back by the fear of people hating them. I have to get over this. Of course I hope you like my music, but if you don’t that’s fine too.”

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Ivo Penders

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