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Circus Mayhem

Circus Mayhem
Circus Mayhem

Circus Mayhem  Biografie

Sometimes the most unlikely combination of ingredients can result in a surprising end-result. This is particularly true when looking at the composition and resulting sound of Circus Mayhem. This new southern Dutch rock collective came to life in the spring of 2012, bringing together musicians from a wide range of musicalbackgrounds. What initially seemed to be an odd combination of disciplines, quickly resulted in a unique collaboration of styles, carrying unprecedented momentum. How else can you explain how the band managed to complete the writing of their debut EP, Filipino Tiger Show, within only 8 rehearsals?

This motley crew of rag-tag musicians have however been around the block are no strangers to the Dutch and international music scene, and it is with this wealth of experience and agressive progress that they are able to make Opposites Attack a more fitting description. Take maniacal drummer, Twan Bakker, for example who gained prominence (or you may say notoriety) as the lighting paced drummer of nu-metal outfit Dreadlock Pussy, with whom he’s held the stage at events such as Pinkpop, Lowlands and Ozzfest and opened for the likes of Rammstein, Machinehead and Disturbed.
Accompanying Twan on the rhythm section is bassist Rob Dokter, (know from Viberider) who brings with him a distinct stoner-rock sound, but is also diverse enough to have created the foundations on which a significant amount of the band’s current repertoire is built. Unfortunately his humour is also the base for many a slapped forehead.
From the infamous Capel brothers David (ex-Doofus, Exit31) who mans the guitars has a unmatchable experience due to many years of playing in a close harmony rock project.
Completing the ensemble is the imported South African vocalist, Dion Lombard who has spent a significant amount of time in the post-grunge scene, both in Holland as well as in his home country and is the primary lyricist for the band.

Since the release of the debut EP, which this far has been very well received, the band are continuing with the expansion of their track list and work on the inevitable debut album. Since the end of 2012, Circus Mayhem have already racked up a number of high profile performances including Eurosonic/Noordeslag and as support for US band Honkey. Due to demand the band will be escalating the number of gigs in the coming months and further undoubtedly extending their already rapid growing fan base.

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